Saturday, January 5, 2008

Of new year updates and promises

I realise I havent written a proper blog post for a long long time.. Today just out of the blue, I went through some old blogs I used to visit during my jobless days at Madras.. made me wanna update mine again..

Once upon a time last September, while listening to this blatantly cheerful song by Tom Petty, I (dramatically put but realistically) felt these waves of optimism crash over me. And if you read my older blog posts, you'll know that thats a rare moment. it is. Which is what caused me to name this blog so.

I could do no justice to this post if I try to cram in all whats happened since where I left off last.. When I looked at my moody blues blog I felt very amused more than anything. I love it coz it reflects who I really was. My life now is as drastically different as an alternate universe.

Something New :

- I am away from home. On my own feet and loving it.
- I am friends with people whom I never thought I'd be friends with, let along talk to.
- I have become somehwhat high maintenance and a bit of a cleanliness freak
- I realised this year, that I have a spectacular cognitive ability to understand people and situations.
- My mind seemed to have expanded in leaps n bounds.
- Tazz and I, we broke up. I do not wish to elaborate. Fun way to start the new year huh.
- Work keeps me busy and active. It feels awsome to be a productive part of a workplace.
- I can drink and smoke whenever I want, wherever I want without worrying about people. ( This is serioursly a Godsend)
- I never thought I'd miss Virgin Bride's wedding. (one of closest friends from school and college)
- I find myself being ridiculously tolerant bout people and their ways.
- I manage my finances very well.
- I dont think these ( are as dreamlike as they once were to me.
- I never thought I'd so much enjoy non-ficition about the cosmos and the creation. ( refr to A short history of nearly everything - Bill Bryson)
- Previously, I'd have been appalled to like songs like this (This is really funny i know.. heh.. In my defense, it reminds me of the Delhi life.. kinda like how I enjoyed some Satisfaction remix thing in madras)

Something Old (and its bound to much shorter than the new) :

- I am still very choosy about the things I buy. To wear, to eat, for my house.
- I am emotional as ever. It only takes me any old song to get teary eyed in the middle of work. Yesterday, I bawled thruout Father of the Bride for the nth time. and that flick, isint even that sad.
- Homesickness (but well made up for by my delhi home)
- I still cannot get used to the in-your-face Page 3-ness
- I still complain to whoever I can about how fat i look.
- I dislike the cold.
- I still love alcohol and a good party.
- I still make obnoxious, blunt comments at inappropiate moments.
- I still need somebody to love.

Something Borrowed (aka as my aspirations for the new year):

- I hope to keep blogging this year. Brought on by a little part of me who wants to write about all I see and learn each day. Maybe even write a book someday.
- I want to keep reading. (fiction, not, prose, poetry, anything which makes me think.. )
- Also, wanna travel to some new place each month.. (Think this might be the one which wud take the most effort.)
- And last, to constantly chase my spirituality.



Have a great new year mannequin...glad u're back to blogging again..

yamini said...

it was almost like a reminder of everything i loved about you.. makes me miss you like crazy.. i love how unpretentious u are.. ur definitely one of a kind man. and funnily, i bawled thru father of the bride too.. its just so so cute man. we shud watch movies together. miss miss you you


did u call her a one of a kind man?

mannequin said...

heh my only 2 faithful blog followers..

funnylifian: thanks and have a great new year back..

yamini : thanks for ur unending lou n support.. ok what is with me n thanking everyone?