Monday, January 28, 2008

Little Bird

Once upon a time on a faraway land, lived a cherry tree atop a little hill. The cherry tree didn't know if it was meant to be on the hill or on plain ground like the other shrubs its age. In fact, the cherry tree didn't know if she was a tree at all. Nevertheless she grew well on the hilltop. Her leaves shone green with the sun fell on it. She sprouted bright pink blossoms and many a ripe red cherry fruit. The cherry tree loved her cherries and was proud of it. She thought it made her look pretty. Every day she would look up and see a little bird glide across the sky. The cherry tree listened to its clear melody and felt very content. Day after day, the cherry tree would wake up joyfully to the little birds sweet song. One such fine day, the little bird flew straight into the cherry tree and perched itself on one of her branches. The little bird quietly started nibbling on the cherry tree's berries. The cherry tree was slightly annoyed. She didn't like anybody touching her pretty red berries. To her frustration, from that day onward the little bird visited everyday. And whats more, he brought a whole crowd of his little friends too. The cherry tree was miserable as her berries where disappearing in front of her eyes. She didn't think she had much to look forward to now that the group of little birds had eaten her prettiness away. She was so forlorn and lost that she didn't enjoy the little birds song after that. Although the little bird had eaten up her berries she strangely, did not feel mad at the little bird. But, she could no longer appreciate the fine tune of the little bird's melody no more. She ignored his melody and his presence. The little bird eventually moved on to other cherry trees. The cherry tree sighed and sighed through many a sunrise and sunset. One day, the cherry tree woke up and felt something different. She wiggled and shook for a glimpse at her self. She saw herself look resplendently crimson. She was amazed to find herself full of pink cherry blossoms and her beloved red berries. The cherry tree couldn't help but break out into a big wide beam. She felt so much at home with her prettiness. The sun had dawned on the cherry tree once again.

(P.S - Little bird by Annie Lenox was one of those pop songs I used to watch when i was 7 or 8 on MTV. I remember being kind of scandalized at the video. which i thought was a fashion show of transsexuals or close. Other related pop songs i watched at that time which revolved around the same theme was George Michael's too funky and free your mind by En Vogue. These videos shocked (the skin show) and excited (yes I wanted to walk the ramp) me at the same time. Today, i remember them fondly. And little bird, I love that song!)

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