Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not ready to make nice

I have been totally slacking off work today after a long time. You know, I'm trying real hard to not make this blog a whiny mushfest like it once used to be. But, today I feel genuinely whiny and weak. To tell you the truth, I've been feeling whiny and weak for some days now. I don't like to meet the old me. Yesterday I got drunk and enjoyed a good cry. Just when I thought I couldn't get more emotion-less, the sorrow spilled over. for five minutes only.

I guess this is what it takes to rise up to challenges. It's never easy to be happy. Misery my old friend, I've missed you. Misery is beautiful. Misery is a friend. Misery is not. Misery needs company. Misery interferes. Misery dilutes joy. Misery is sick. Misery, I hate you. Misery, you make my joy worthwhile. Circle of life that.

Not ready to make nice was recco'd by Camel. That song doesn't make me feel too great. doesn't make me feel good even in a sad way. In fact, I'm growing to be averse to any song which has the feel of wailing women in it. oh well, there goes my angst. Anyway, it marks my moments in limbo. I'm stuck on the bridge. Did I mention I hate being stuck on a bridge? I only hope I don't fall into the river below. And i need a smoke, badly.

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