Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feeling good

i feel a weird tingling sensation
i feel terribly betrayed.
i feel unsettled
i feel incapable of listening to any music as everything sounds too painful.
i feel insanely missing mom
i feel sick
i feel worried
i feel numb
i feel some kinda overpowering sadness
i feel inadequate
i feel like the earlier sense of happy fullness was snatched away from me
i feel pissed
i feel capable of bursting into tears any given moment
i feel in control all the same
i feel left in the lurch
i feel like i need a break
i feel like i need someone who values me
i feel like there is a log on my neck. physically.
i feel capable of writing but i rather vent
i feel let down by me
i feel stuck in a box
i feel trapped
i feel ignored
i feel spaced out
i feel like not working
i feel like running on a treadmill for miles n miles. thats a first.
i feel like vodka