Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bend and Break

Today, the string broke. It used be a thickly coiled, rough and sturdy, fibrous kinda rope. The kind people tie around a tree to pull it down. There was a lot of wear and tear of course. The rope never had it easy. In fact thats a terrible understatement. Maybe it was all the constant tugging. Or all the rain and shine and weather changes the rope had witnessed. Towards the end, the old rope had it hard, it shrunk and groaned its way all through the end. Some months had seen it on its very last string. The last string provided some comfort and relief to the old rope. Like a faithful son. It told of the ropes great legacy left behind. It aptly represented all what the old rope used to be in good measure. Now it was gonna be its last witness to the rope's life. But bit by bit, the string too finally got shredded away to nothing. Empty. Non existent. Space.

Bend and break by Keane sounds suspiciously like Travis, if you didn't know which band was singing the song. Once used to be on my list of Sector 56 to office travel songs.

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