Wednesday, March 19, 2008

These days

Sometimes I feel like some words have been said so many times that their meaning exausts all possible interpretation. Those are the only times words fail me. When making an effort, doesn't make any difference whatsoever. These times are particularly frusturating and baffling as I'm left cornered by a wall made up of unvent emotion.

Today I was talking to Camel and saying how people console when somebody dies by saying (in a book or a movie or for real) the ones we truly love will never leave us and blah blah. Sounds kinda crappy, but I believe so. Nobody died, but I feel the same anyway. So I decided to let go.

This time the post title come from a Bon Jovi song from the album of the same name. I think one of the most underrated Bon Jovi albums and one which means A LOT to me. I'm generally not a one band person. I also skip from band to band pretty quickly. But, till now Bon Jovi has not stopped sounding awesome. He always makes me stuck in this alternate universe. Nice to get lost in it..


thesilentq said...

is these days new bon jovi? think the true genius happnd before he got mellow tho... :) must give it a shot again tho. send to me ur fave song frm the album if uv got it.

mannequin said...

no its mid 90s mellow post-keep the faith Bon Jovi. heh I just love n adore all the songs on it or smthn.
Diamond Ring
These days
While my guitar lies bleeding in my arms
(It's Hard) Letting You Go
and the rest. I <3